How it works?

Infrared waves are a part of the spectrum of natural sunlight but are far removed from ultraviolet radiation which is the radiation that can cause skin damage.  The sun emits a broad spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, where the visible light is found, the ultraviolet (UV-A and UV-B) rays and finally the infrared (IR), which is the type of spectrum which are used by our radiant panels.

Infrared heating in addition to heating in an efficient manner is completely harmless.

Within these infrared rays four types of emissions depending on the wavelength used can be distinguished.

  • Shortwave infrared emitters.
  • Fast medium wave infrared emitters.
  • Medium wave infrared emitters.
  • Long wave infrared emitters.

This radiation directly heats via absorption the masses of nearby objects such as walls, floors, ceilings and of course living organisms which absorb these rays and which are heated by them in a uniform manner.

In addition an electric radiant panel heating system does not depend on any fluid or mass whatsoever so as to transfer heat, its energy is projected directly onto the masses such as objects and persons, obtaining greater energy efficiency and increased profitability.

With an infrared panel heating system such as those supplied by EnerHeating will warm one up in the same manner as having a stroll in sunshine but in one's own home or workspace.

One will have a thermal sensation of warmth although the atmosphere is at a lower temperature.

Infrared panels supplied by EnerHeating are based on long waves, these long-wave infrareds have the penetration, radiation refraction, reflection properties, and this is one of the main differences with the conventional heating systems which do not directly heat the objects but heats the air and that furthermore tends to rise to the upper parts of the spaces with which efficiency is lost.

The functioning of our infrared heating panels consists in heating by emitting harmless radiation, that is the long-wave infrared radiation.

With a convection system, the room requires to be considerably heated for a longer time in order to have that feeling of well being given that hot air tends to rise.

However with an infrared heating system energy savings and reduced energy bills can be obtained, another important reason for choosing EnerHeating's radiant panels.

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