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How does infrared heating work?

Infrared heating emits harmless rays which directly heat solid objects such as walls, floors, furniture etc. and persons.  The rays are absorbed by the masses and the heat is projected by means of the properties of electromagnetic waves again at a uniform level, ensuring an equitable and efficient heat distribution.

Is touching a panel dangerous?

No, however, the surface temperature is over 80 degrees.

Why is infrared heating healthier?

The infrared rays which are emitted by an infrared panel actually heats the room and not the air, which reduces air flow in the room, eliminating the possibility of movement of particles such as dust, spores and bacteria, reason why it is ideal solution for persons with respiratory problems and asthma, enabling a coexistence with pets in case of allergy suffers.

Why is infrared heating better than traditional systems such as central heating?

Because unlike petrol or the traditional gas fired boilers, infrareds can heat only the rooms and areas which one is using. A central heating system heats all the rooms in the dwelling, regardless of whether or not the radiators are turned on.

Infrared heaters can have unlimited programmable areas and be used to heat only the rooms and areas which are required. Furthermore it is clean, quiet and does not require maintenance or special permits for its installation.

Is installing the infrared expensive?

No. Installation requires only the requirements of any household appliance, that is, access to a power source. No construction work, no administrative permits or licenses. It can be installed on the wall and in ceilings and the suitable model selected so as to blend with the interior decoration of the dwelling, due to a wide range of designs and even the option of customising the panel.

Where can I use my infrared heaters set?

Panel heaters are suitable for any interior space which must be warm. They are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways and even bathrooms.

Can I use these panels outdoors?

This is not recommended. SUNDIRECT infrared heaters are designed for use for internal heating of specific areas, which is why it is not recommended to use the heaters for outdoor use.

What warranty do the infrared radiation panels have?

Our products have a five year warranty, and an estimated service life of 100,000 hours. All our products are subjected to a rigorous individual quality control and are manufactured pursuant to the EU directives and approved international certificates.

Is infrared radiation safe?

Infrared waves have nothing in common with the Micro, UV or X-ray waves.  Infrared waves are emitted by any object or living organism which has a temperature above the absolute minimum (-273 °C).

Is the infrared radiation as a heating system safe?

The panels cannot burn upon contact or burn materials, and furthermore do not release carbon monoxide (CO).

Can the panels be plugged into a standard electrical socket?

Yes, the panels in an infrared heating system function with a normal 220/230 v power supply. It is recommended to install the panels between 5 and 20 cm above the floor; the maximum permitted height is 1.20 m

At what height must the electrical radiant panel be installed at?

The most recommended distance is between 5 and 20 cm above the floor level.

Does it make sense to install a panel on the ceiling?

For efficiency purposes on certain occasions it makes sense to install a panel on the ceiling.  However, overhead radiation is sometimes perceived as uncomfortable as the scalp is very sensitive. The same effect can be discerned if one is in a parked convertible and is in the sun for two minutes, for this reason it is preferable not to install the radiation directly over one's head, nor over the bed head, the sofa or desk. In places where one spends little time, such as the shower or bath, a panel on the ceiling may have certain advantages.

Where can an infrared panel be hung?

A suitable location has a significant impact on the efficiency of the system. Infrared panel emit rays at an angle of 60 ° in all directions which is why when more rays hit walls, furniture floors, objects it will be more efficient.  Glazed surfaces have less capacity to store heat and little power for bouncing forward rays.

How many infrared panels and in what size does a room require?

The number and sizes of the panels required depends on the heating requirements of each room.  These depend on its size and condition (insulation, walls, floor etc.), or the general weather conditions and the desired temperature in the room.

However a method of estimating what is required is to multiply 25 watts per m3 that which is required to be heated. In this fashion the square footage of each room must be calculated. For example room which is 3m x 4m x 2.14 = 25.68 m³, one would need 25.68 m³ x 25 watts = 642 watts. Note: This is based on a standard height of 2.4 meters and a insulation quality of a standard room.

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